• What is Core Technologies & Soutions??

    CTS is a leading online retailer of products that inform, educate, and inspire. The Amazon group also has stores in the Canada, Germany, France, Japan and United Kingdom. Because we exist &

  • How do I promote CTS?

    At CTS it's up to you to make your titles stand out on our virtual shelves. You have the opportunity, using descriptive content and images, to personally hand-sell your titles to

  • Do you sell advertising on your site??

    At this time, we do not sell banner advertising on our site. However, for information on Co-op promotional opportunities, please visit our Coop page.

  • How long can you run fiber optic cable??

    Modern fiber optic cables can carry a signal quite a distance -- perhaps 60 miles (100 km). On a long distance line, there is an equipment hut

  • What type of fiber is required to run at gigabit speed??

    Under the Gigabit Ethernet standard, 50-micron multimode fiber is an acceptable alternative. The major advantage in using this fib

  • Why is Fibre so slow??

    If you've recently installed fibre and are surprised your internet speed isn't as fast as expected, your ageing wi-fi router is the likely culprit. Here's why

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